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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Political Forums Postings (on Temasek Review)

m Tung Hee:
September 3, 2010 at 11:13 am

During every National Day Rally speech,the PM would never fail to pacify the electorate with PAP’s usual dose of rhetorics and of course at the same time offer some new promises.

After some 45 years of self-proclaimed achievement in “democratic” governance and economic success,the PAP even bragged about how China was impressed with its record long reigning one-party rule during its recent visit to China with its entourage of 46 MPs.One then wonders if this is true,then it surely makes better sense for the PAP Ministers and MPs to go to Iraq and impart its rich experience to the Iraqis (with the endorsement of its strong ally US). Afterall,it’s a “win-win” strategy as PAP could learn how the past Saddam Hussein regime managed to garner 96% of votes during elections (and improve PAP’s 66.6% hence);at the same time teach them how to run the country in this post-Saddam era (with its top-of-the-world salaries for its Ministers and MPs formula of course).

Lim Tung Hee:
October 2, 2010 at 11:06 pm

Much as one would send condolences to someone we know personally,one wonders if MM Lee and his son PM Lee had ever send even any apologises (not mentioning condolences) to those very people(perceived as PAP political threats) whom they had put in jail for long periods,after “demolishing” them (as in their careers,businesses,reputation,etc)and causing their families to become dysfunctional or in dire situations.

While MM Lee had the blessings of a “insurance policy” wife,a successful uninterrupted 50-year political career with his son as the Prime Minister and daughter-in-law holding a top position in Temasek Holdings drawing hefty salaries; his political opponents were deprived of even a lifeline.

If we shower forgiveness or sympathy readily to leaders who do not show any human compassion to their fellow opponents (who merely offer differing political stance);are we then being just hypocrites ourselves?

The respects to be accorded upon one’s demise should not be pegged to one’s whatever background but rather the altruistic contributions one made during one’s lifetime.

Lim Tung Hee:
October 6, 2010 at 10:11 am

Catherine Lim has certainly made some valid comments as an academic and soft critic.However,such critique is not going to affect or change PAP’s inherent indifference.

What Singapore really needs urgently is a “jolted up” leadership and not the old jaded PAP authoritarian political model of the Lee Kuan Yew 60s era.It’s also time to inject “adrenalin” into the political system as most if not all PAP ministers and MPs are lacking in spirited debates over policies.Many a times such lacklustre performance and non-accountability or non-transparency in government have led to the current build-up of citizenry dissent.

The senseless unjustified intake of “foreign talents” by the hundreds of thousands has not only caused undue competition to our local workers but also disrupt our social fabric and security.

While the PAP leaders are worried over the problem of attracting elites to join politics to enjoy the high salaries and pensions;our average Singaporeans are most concerned over just keeping a job,a roof,raising a family in education,medical expenses and whether they could retire with the meagre CPF withdrawal.(If only everyone could work like MM Lee to his ripe old age with that kind of income or had the luck to have an “insurance policy” in wife Madam Kwa, then “everything will be like heaven” as one minister said recently).

However,life in Singapore is only “Heaven” to the exclusive elite group.The rest of our disenfranchised lot may have to emigrate to another country (not out of choice though)to live our last years…..

Lim Tung Hee:
October 14, 2010 at 2:10 am

Everybody knows that the founder or creator of the famous Kentucky Fried Chicken (or affectionately referred as KFC) was the late Colonel Sanders.

Col.Sanders’ legacy if any must be his special recipe of Fried chicken.Although KFC’s success during his lifetime in a small town was growing fast and gaining popularity,it was actually after his death that KFC really became a worldwide “brandname”.This must certainly be attributed to its capable management and “creative” marketing (that churns out “new versions”of fried chicken,burgers and beverages to adapt to foreign tastebuds).Coupled with the franchise concept as a fast food outlet,KFC without doubt expands rapidly throughout the world.

This goes to prove that no one is indispensable and that change is many a times a necessity for survival or even advancement.

We therefore need not over worry over a Singapore after MM Lee Kuan Yew’s departure or PAP’s loss of power someday.Goh Meng Seng had perhaps overestimated MM Lee’s influence over Singapore’s future yet underestimated the capabilities of our present civil service and institutions.

As an oppositionist,I prefer to take on the PAP and make the necessary “change” if possible instead of making a wish-list for PAP to change.

Lim Tung Hee:
October 9, 2010 at 12:10 pm

Temasek Review is truly a gift to Singaporeans. It has given our fellow citizens the right to a “Voice from the heart” instead of being “gagged” by the PAP government all these years.

Going by the criticisms and dissent from the netizens in,any reader could easily conclude that Singapore’s one-party rule has overlooked many problems and hardships faced by the average citizen.The PAP’s insensitivity to citizenry’s concerns over the decades is sadly and largely due to a virtually “absent opposition”.This is apparently because the PAP has perpetuated its political monopoly through its control of the mainstream media thus depriving oppositionists a fair level political arena.

Now that Temasek Review has offered an alternative medium to create political awareness,transparency and objective reporting to Singaporeans;it is time to remove the apathy and fear of our voters.

As an oppositionist myself,I sincerely hope that the good work by Temasek Review would continue to serve a wider viewership so as to help establish a true democracy in Singapore someday soon.

Lim Tung Hee:
August 26, 2010 at 12:31 pm


The PAP’s justification or excuse for “importing” the millions of foreign immigrants over such a short span of time certainly makes one wonder:
1.How could these immigrants contribute to our economy?(Some argue that their levies,CPF contributions and purchase of HDB flats could add to our depleting coffers due to mega losses incurred by GIC and Temasek ).
2.Our limited (or rather scarce) resources as in energy and water would be further aggravated by such an increase of population.
(How PAP government can ensure affordable provision of such basic neccesities remain a question as our power plants have been sold to foreign entities and water supply from Malaysia is limited).
3.Our infrastructure and amenities are also limited in capacity to cater for a small sizeable population.(By expanding the population,
the PAP government surely cannot ensure comfortable liveable and quality environment due to land constraints and overcrowding).
4.Our hospitals and healthcare provisions are already unable to cope with the present demand for affordable beds and services.
(The problem would be aggravated to unimaginable scenarios beyond the PAP government’s control especially in the event of any endemic outbreaks like SARS or H1N1).
5.Our one-party political system is subject to vulnerabilities of sorts in this present globalised world.( The PAP government’s style of governance would not blend with today’s young generation’s aspiration of free speech,not to mention conforming international standards in democracy.In the event of the present one-party government’s loss of power someday,it would mean total chaos as the PAP never had any alternative political balance mechanism in place).

All these issues must be viewed seriously as the PAP is adamant in its “One Voice” only mantra and actions all these decades leaving citizens no say or participation in its policies.

As in an analogy like a family, family members brought up in a highly suppressed household would someday choose to quietly leave the house (as in the case of “quitters” who migrate to countries where freedom of speech,dignity and quality of life can be found).

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My Candidature Profile GE2006

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My Group Candidature Portrait (above) for Tampines GRC
My Candidature Portrait (above)